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First generation women entrepreneurs Shraddha & Vaishali decided to take on the mantle of innovating the humble handkerchief in a manner that impacted the way a handkerchief was being seen, bought and used. Their enthusiasm and energy infected others too and soon a set of professionals from various fields came together to create ‘KERFS’ – India’s pioneering most innovative handkerchief brand.

KERFS is a brand owned by Wealth Zone Concept Clothing LLP, a limited liability partnership company based out of Nashik. The core team heading this business are seasoned professionals from the textile and clothing industry and work with a team of experts who are capable of creating product innovations.



vaishali prashant wagh

designated partner

dr. shraddha samip lunia

designated partner

avinash sisode


A first generation woman entrepreneur, Vaishali Wagh has a diverse experience playing different roles ranging from Human Resources & Administration, Event Management, Sales & Marketing and Wealth Management.

An MBA in Finance, Vaishali is also one of the founder members of Wealth Zone Realtors LLP and is an actively involved with Landmark Forum and E3 Leadership Course in Nashik



A first generation woman entrepreneur, Dr. Shraddha is passionate about working for the betterment of society through women empowerment and has been playing a leading role in motivating women to become first generation entrepreneurs.

A gold medalist in medicine (B.H.S.M), Shraddha also plays an active role in managing thriving mobile phones retail and kids wear clothing business in Nashik.

Chairman & Managing Director of E&G Group, Avinash Sisode advocates the idealogy, “To spread love, joy and prosperity” as his clarion call that inspires and motivates him as a leader and entrepreneur. He along with his team members have been at the helm of providing a better platform to people, professionally and socially. Business for him is an opportunity to help others.

Winner of several awards and recognitions, Avinash Sisode lends his complete support as a mentor to help brand KERFS to become the most premium brand in handkerchiefs.


kumar ganesan


ravi salunkhe


A serial entrepreneur from Khandesh, Ravi started his first venture at the age of 23 and in a span of 5 years built a fortune for himself with a well-established manufacturing unit, two private limited companies and an operational NGO. However a sudden downturn in the European economy led him to the heart-breaking event of having to lose all that he had created.

Not to be undone, Ravi took failure as a lesson and moved ahead in creating Wealth Zone Realtors LLC in Nashik and together in a span of 4 years with his 30+ team members hold over 65 acres of property in Thane district and manage assets worth 50 crores.

Wealth Zone Concept Clothing LLP is his latest venture that is created to unleash Brand KERFS and a whole lot of innovative products.


A brand strategist, a writer, a food & travel blogger and a first generation entrepreneur, Kumar Ganesan has charted a long path in branding and communication industry working for iconic brands like Toyota, Lexus, Panasonic, IKEA, Marks & Spencer, Cipla iPill, SOTC and more. His dream Kaleido Communications Pvt Ltd is an independent branding and communications agency based in Navi Mumbai that works with reputed brands like Reliance Jewels, Aamby Valley City, Hotel Sahara Star, Peninsula Land, West Pioneer Properties, Kaspersky and many more.

Kumar brings his knowledge and experience in branding and communication in creating BRAND KERFS and plays an active role in driving the brand image for KERFS.



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